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Cornerstone Monday Art Club

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Mondays, 2:00 - 4:00, at the Cornerstone
All Saints Church, Wokingham
£3 per session, including refreshments
Contact: Barbara Thompson - 0118 979 1443 or Alison Messias - 0118 978 3188

Cornerstone History
The Monday afternoon painting sessions at Cornerstone were started in 2004 by Barbara Thompson a member of the then Wokingham & District Arts Group, and consisted of about 7 members only. The original idea was to take out some time and find somewhere quiet to paint. Now, 5 years on, we see a steady attendance every week of enthusiastic people who are interested in painting and joining other like-minded people. The sessions are still funded by the Wokingham Art Society, but you don't have to be a member and you don't have to book either.

There is no formal tuition, just an opportunity to discuss and compare different styles, new ideas and techniques in a friendly atmosphere. It's open to anyone, whatever their ability, but numbers may sometimes be restricted.
At our 27 July 2009 meeting, before the summer break, members brought along some finished examples of what they had been doing. Here is a montage

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Remember, if you would like any of your work to be attributed and to reach a wider audience, visit the Gallery to see what can be done or How to do it.

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