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Soraya French demonstration, 17 April 2018
Pastels, Flowers
Soraya French is an Iranian artist known for her vivid use of colour in acrylic based multimedia. For this presentation she chose to paint a selection of flowers using a combination of pastels together with acrylic inks.

Introduction Soraya discussed the supports suitable for use with pastels concentrating on sandpaper and paper coated with various proprietory primers. She used both forms in the demonstration. The need for care in handling pastels to avoid inhaling dust was discussed and the technique of first painting an underpainting in acrylic followed by the use of both pastels and acrylic ink or paint was explained.

Demonstration Part One The underpainting was made using acrylic inks so establishing the lights and darks and providing a base for the pastels. The painting was left to dry at this stage because a dry support is essential for pastels.

Demonstration Part Two A pre-prepared underpainting was now used for the main part of the demonstration. The acrylic base was incrementally overlain with pastel beginning gently and then building up to strong colours applied with more pressure. Where necessary further acrylic washes were introduced. The final picture was a vigorous painting catching the spirit of the flowers.

Conclusion Once presented in a mount the full effect of the painting was visible as can be seen in the photograph.

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