Paintings by Angus Macdonld
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I first started painting in May 2013, and decided to get more serious in September.
Little did I realise that my chosen medium of watercolours is regarded as the most challenging.
Still, it's been fun, if at times in a frustrating and agonising sort of way.
Absolutely bucket loads to learn about this painting lark.
Here is just one picture to give a taster of my work.

Angus McDonald

"Silver Shadow" runner-up in People's Choice. 2016. Back to 2016 Exhibition

"Goshawk off for lunch", watercolour

"A new hope", watercolour daffodil bud, sprayed acrylic background

"It's wet out here", watercolour rose, sprayed acrylic background

"Breathe in lads", Buccaneer at Cheddar, watercolour

"Kestrel evening hunt", watercolour

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