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How to submit photos etc. to the WASoc website.

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Members are encouraged to submit 3 or 4 pictures for the gallery or for general use on the website.

Paper Copies

If you are not into all this digital stuff give me a conventional (paper) photo, not a slide.

Please identify the picture and yourself and attach any extra information you would like me to include about the picture - title, medium, dimensions, price etc. - or about yourself.

You can give them to me, Sam Dauncey, at any meeting, if I'm there, or post them to
62 Oakleigh Square,Hammond Way
GU46 7AG

I often have a camera with me at demos and may be able to capture an image from an original painting then (any size), but it's worth checking - 01252 864627.

Please note: I can't promise to return photo’s. If you have a photo that is very precious, pop along to a high street print shop for a colour photocopy. Please DO NOT send original artwork

Digital images (preferred method)

Pictures may come from scanners, digital cameras, mobile phones etc.

Please do not accept an option that may be offered by some software to "email the image" (which compresses it too much). Instead, save the image(s) and then attach them to an email and send it here.

Please include in your email any information you would like me to include about the picture - title, medium, dimensions, price etc.- or about yourself.

My ideal gallery contributor is one who sends JPG images touching both top and bottom or both sides of a rectangle 512 pixels wide and 434 pixels high of up to about 35 Kbyte ready to be inserted with no further processing. I'll sometimes go up to 600 pixels wide or 500 pixels high for unusually long or thin pictures.

512 wide x 434 high (max)

Pictures from demonstrations or other general interest subjects, outside the gallery, need not all be this big - 250 and 350 pixels are convenient widths and download quicker.

Beware: some cameras add several kBytes of information (dates, exposure details etc) which take space that would otherwise be available for a better quality or faster-downloading image (see "Editing", below)

E-mail problems?
If anyone has problems with e-mailing pictures as attachments, ask me to add detailed instructions (for Outlook Express) to this page (or copy them to a floppy, CD, DVD or memory stick).

Thumbnails on the Gallery page
I can produce these from the full-size image. However, if you'd like to save me time, they are JPG images that fit within a 150 pixel square and are less than about 3 Kbytes.


If possible, make sure that titles, exposure details etc. are not stored within a JPG image (go through another format: a bitmap perhaps?) but if I have to do any editing, that will probably remove such extraneous information.

I'm willing, now and again, to edit images to try to improve their appearance and get rid of irrelevant data, unwanted clutter/backgrounds etc. Just ask.

If images have not been prepared to go straight onto the website I will normally digitally scale and crop them, without removing any of the actual painting, to fit the 512 x 434 pixel rectangle.

If you want me to edit them, and decide to compress them, please go for maximum quality and make sure that the overall image size (in pixels) is large enough for me still to have enough pixels after trimming (they may need to be 1000 x 1000 pixels or more).

If you have any doubts about getting the best results from compression, send me the uncompressed image in any of the common formats (True Colour BMP or PNG are best). If you still have a dial-up connection you may decide that such images are too big, in which case send maximum-quality JPG).

E-mail your pictures here - or - Return to Gallery
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